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Skin Concerns

At Luma Aesthetics, we're dedicated to bringing you the knowledge and insights you need to address your skin concerns effectively.

"I've struggled with rosacea and sensitive skin, searching in vain for a product that soothes my skin. After three weeks of consistent use, five days a week, my skin is content, and the sensitivity has vanished. I can't praise this mask enough – it has truly transformed my skin."

– Emma

"I've been relying on the 4-1 Wand for the past few months, and the results are truly spectacular. My fine lines and wrinkles have diminished, and there's a noticeable brightness to my complexion."

– Jess

"The Mask is a game-changer for my skin. I've battled persistent breakouts (adult acne) for years, but for over 2 years now, I've used it religiously. It's my constant travel companion, and I just got the Collar – I'm a devoted fan!"

– Sarah

"I had been using an LED wall unit for approximately two years with minimal results. It's undeniable that after just a few days of using the shield, I've witnessed incredible improvements."

– Alex Jordans

Understand your skin and its complex needs.

Everyone's skin is unique, just like every skin diagnosis we give. Take our test to get personalized skincare recommendations. It shouldn't take more than 3 minutes.


If you have any questions or concerns before purchasing our LED products, our team of experienced therapists and LED experts are available to assist you, at no cost.

What’s your top skin concern?
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